Top 2021 Dresses for Weddings

Top 2021 Dresses for Weddings

Posted by EVENTS 4 LIFE Feb 10, 2022

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That moment of joy you have always been waiting for - when he popped that question, "Will you marry me?" And once you get that ring on your ring finger, we are sure you would have felt a rush of ecstasy and excitement. Now, after the initial reactions have subsided, the next important thing is to start preparations for the big day. 
While planning to purchase your wedding dress, you might get confused with so many pretty choices around you, wondering which dress is the right and the best one for you. Don't worry; we will help you. Before you finalize a dress, read on our blog to know about the latest wedding dress trends of 2021 that will help make your decision-making a lot easier. 

Outfit Trends - Brides

Layered Skirts and Ruffles
Layered, fluffy skirts and ruffles can create a unique image and add some romantic vibes to the wedding ceremony. It also makes the outfit light and airy. Adding ruffling elements can provide a fresh look to the outfit, and when ruffles are placed in the region of the outfit where you desire to draw attention to, it provides more volume as well.  
Puffy Sleeves
Voluminous sleeves are always here to stay. Light, off-shoulder sleeves made from transparent fabric can highlight the bride's elegance, change the whole look, and make the gown classic and interesting. 
Sparkling Details
A fitting gown decorated with sequins, beads, or glitter can make the bride shine and get them into the spotlight. You will not need any other heavy accessories or bright makeup to make the look well-balanced. 
Square Necks and V-necks
Square necks and elegant v-necks are always on the trend list and are ideal for summer and spring weddings, whether the theme is boho or more classic. A v-neck can also help lengthen the silhouette as well. Whatever the neckline is, keep a part of the neckline open to having a fresh and trendy look. 
Gown types
A-line gowns are flattering for most body types and are slim on top, fitted over the waist, and flare away from the body. Ball gowns are another good choice if the wedding is a formal function. An empire gown is suitable for you if you have a short waist and a heavy lower body.

Outfit Trends - Grooms

Tux or Suit never go out of trend
Whether you should wear a tux or suit, the choice should be based on the formality of your wedding function. A formal wedding calls for the groom to wear a tux, whereas, for a semiformal wedding, a dark suit with an off-white shirt or white suits are ideal. For a casual wedding, you can choose a navy blazer, a shirt tucked in, without a tie or cotton-linen chinos, along with a good pair of boat shoes, or even sneakers, according to the setting. 
If the function is formal, a white tie suits the best. However, if you want a classic but a little more funny option, go for black ties.
Quality matters first
Whatever you wear, ensure that it is of the finest quality - be it the fabric, lining, stitching, or the fit.

Use this guide and plan your perfect outfit to make your wedding a memorable day. For more advice from Ruti of Events-4Life event management company, visit our office at 16633 NE 40th Ct, Redmond, WA 98052. 

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