Things You Didn’t Know Your Wedding Planner Can Do

Things You Didn’t Know Your Wedding Planner Can Do

Posted by Cohenca Ruti Sep 19, 2022

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Planning a wedding by oneself can be really stressful. Here is where a wedding planner can help. Do you wonder what a wedding planner can do besides helping you with event planning and decor, read on to learn:

  • Help you find the perfect venue

Your wedding planner can help you find the perfect venue for your wedding reception or special event. They not only know the best venues in the area, but they can also negotiate on your behalf and ensure that you get the best rates available.

  • Secure your wedding date

First, your wedding planner will be able to reach out to their preferred vendors, like florists or caterers, and confirm that their services will be available on your wedding day. This is an essential step. You don’t want to have to deal with last-minute cancellations or rescheduling!

Next, your wedding planner can also confirm with the venue that your ceremony and reception will be taking place there, as well as if your photographer, videographer, DJ, and other vendors will be there, too. Your planner will also confirm that all of the rental items, like tables, chairs, decorations, and linens, are taken care of.

  • Organize your guest list

Your wedding planner can help you manage your guest list. This may be something you never thought about before hiring a planner. However, he or she can help you make sure that you only invite the people you really want to your wedding. This person can also ensure that all your vendors know when to expect your guests.

  • Find you the right wedding vendors

Your wedding planner has likely worked with dozens or even hundreds of different wedding vendors in the time they’ve been in business. They’ll know which ones are reliable, easy to work with and have what it takes to help you pull off the perfect wedding day.

  • Budget your wedding expenses

In addition to helping you execute your wedding plans, your wedding planner can also help you plan your budget. This will give you a better idea of what your wedding will cost.

Your wedding planner can help you:

  1. Make a detailed list of everything you’ll need to pay for.
  2. Negotiate discounts with some vendors.
  3. Use your budget to map out a payment plan.
  4. Determine how much you can realistically spend.
  • Manage your wedding rehearsal and ceremony

Wedding planners are more than just day-of coordinators. They can also assist with the rehearsal and ceremony. They can help you create a timeline, coordinate vendors, order flowers, and tidy up the venue before the ceremony.

Wedding planners can also assist with wedding ceremonies. They can help you find officiants, set up and decorate the ceremony space, and cue the wedding party and guests.

  • Oversee your wedding reception

Your wedding planner can help manage any mishaps that might occur during your wedding reception. This includes handling unexpected guests. If an unexpected guest shows up, your wedding planner will know how to handle the situation. They will ensure that the guest is ushered in politely and that their presence won’t interfere with your reception.

  • Help you plan your honeymoon

Your wedding coordinator will be your go-to resource when it comes to planning your honeymoon—and they’ll probably recommend that you work with your travel agent. Planning a honeymoon can be somewhat stressful, and your coordinator can alleviate some of the stress by helping you choose a destination and plan everything down to the last detail.

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