Planning the Perfect Elopement

Planning the Perfect Elopement

Posted by EVENTS 4 LIFE Feb 26, 2021

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While the thought of organizing a wedding excites some, it is a much-dreaded idea for others. The reasons for this are many - the awkwardness of being under the spotlight, not being the big-wedding kind, or because the couple would rather save up big for their future. Whatever be the reason, elopements are a more romantic and less-stressful alternative to weddings as we know it.

Since elopements consist of only the bride and groom and, in some cases, the closest friends and family, you need not go through all the emotions a bride or groom-to-be typically feels. That being said, elopements do need some level of planning because it is your big day, and you should make it as special and memorable as possible. Here’s how:

1. Choose a Secluded Wedding Spot

The number one advantage of an elopement is the fact that you can choose the farthest, quirkiest, and most secluded wedding spot. The stark reduction in the guest list opens up the gates for you and your beloved to choose the wedding venue of your dreams.

2. Head to the City Hall

The limitless wedding venue options give you the opportunity to fly to your favorite destination. What you need to keep in mind in such cases is that the marriage laws may differ from one country to another. Some may have a permanent residency requirement. So, head to the city hall and get a marriage certificate beforehand, and there’s no stopping you love birds!

3. Don’t Skimp on the Decor

Don’t discount your wedding decor only because there are going to be a handful of people. Even if only two of your friends' tag along with you, decorate the wedding spot with simple yet elegant decor.

4. Wear the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams!

Doing away with the traditional wedding also means you need not stick to the traditional dress codes. You could wear a gown in a color of your choice, a short dress, or a pantsuit - whatever suits your personality!

5. Make an Announcement

Don’t keep your friends and family in the dark about your wedding for too long. Get photographed at your elopement and put up an announcement as soon as possible. You could also hold a small reception, once you’re settled in to your new way of life, for a bunch of friends and family.

If planning even the smallest of events such as an elopement also gives you the jitters, give us a call at (425) 737-9015 or email us at, and we will handle it all for you.

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