An Event Planner 2020 Takeaways

An Event Planner 2020 Takeaways

Posted by EVENTS 4 LIFE Dec 02, 2020

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As we get ready to wrap up one year and enter a new one, I want to reflect on my main takeaways and invite you to join me in taking action as we step into 2021. 

2020 will be infamously remembered for the COVID-19 pandemic and the many obstacles that accompanied it. You can imagine the impact the pandemic had on an industry whose core goal is to gather people, and as an event planner, the direct impact it had on my business, Events-4Life. Having to think outside of the box and make last minute accommodations to reflect the fluctuating state restrictions, was short of simple. My clients and I worked for months, closer than ever before, to brainstorm and scramble for the most appropriate solutions for their events. I was there to help them understand the impacts COVID-19 would have on their event, hear their frustrations, and offer support and encouragement as we planned for the most fitting alternative. Ultimately, I was there for them as an event planner but also as a friend.

Despite all emotional and physical challenges this year handed us, I learned to appreciate and respect three ideals on a more personal and community level: community engagement, interacting with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, and supporting the less fortunate members in our community. 

As my workload dwindled, I was able to take a step back from the event planning role and see a more complete picture of how I serve my community at large. Being able to execute a virtual Bat Mitzvah, as well as a socially-distanced outdoor Jewish Orthodox wedding, reminded me of the importance my role has in fostering engagement and meaningful interaction – things that we needed so badly throughout 2020. As a Jewish event planner, often I find myself organizing events for my immediate community. Nevertheless, I always pursue to work with diverse cultures. One of the many things I learned from my multi-cultured staff, is that joyous celebrations can be expressed in countless vibrant ways. I had the opportunity to support an Indian vendor plan a traditional dance event. Having little previous exposure to the Indian community, learning about Indian culture through their customs and decorations was among my most exciting highlights of the year. 

My last takeaway is about giving back, especially this year. Extending a hand to ensure that all members of our greater community, including the less fortunate members, can celebrate their special occasions in a year full of uncertainty and darkness was my goal. I had the honor to sit with vendors and work through the logistical hurdles to make sure that we support each other and find positive glimpses to celebrate. I share these takeaways with you to express my hopes and wishes to a brighter 2021, and to challenge you to grow your personal and community footprint. Engaging with different communities is what makes the US so special and our shared events so diverse. I encourage you to enter the new year with a drive to listen and learn from your neighbors and personalize your impact.

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