Why Events-4life stands out?

“It was important for us that the event planner that we work with, can keep the ball moving. We wouldn’t be able to be as efficient and as effective. You make us feel comfortable, maintain strong communication on everything and you were extremely reliable and organized.”

“When we met with you it was very freeing and you really listened to us. You wanted to get to know us and respect our event vision. This was very critical for us.”

“We felt with you that you will make the best possible you can.”

“There is something in particular that we noticed on you comparing with other event planners, that you connected with both of us. We appreciated that you recognized that. That both opinions mattered. In our initial meeting, you make us so comfortable.”

“We have the fusion of my secular family and Yaakov orthodox family. It was very important to us to have someone who show sensitivity to that and understand that this is a real factor. When we met with you it was very clear that you understand, and you showed sensitivity to it. It was really nice to see that you have tremendous amount of experience in the Jewish community.”

“I felt like our wedding but at the same time, it will never look like that without your input, coordination, creativity solutions, organization, incredible on the budget and you understood all the variables. It was helpful having someone who can really visualize and see what it will look like and what works. You completely change the face of the venue.”

“We appreciate that when you layout the budget to us, you clearly were sensitive to this and understood all the variable fair; that whole time you were ground in the reality of the event and that felt good to us.”

“You definitely were supported 110% and put Kennedy, Nate and us at ease; You were very clear about what your job was, what role you were going to fill, so we felt very comfortable with you. You laid out your price, there were no surprises. You were very upfront.”

“We chose you because your personality, warm, caring, nice, friendly, a great communicator and you are easily accessible. We never felt like we couldn't get ahold of you for something. As parents, we felt you communicated really well with us.”

“Events-4life will have your back and your best interest at heart. We are at your side and will protect your investment.”