Highlighting Our Favorite Events of 2020!

Highlighting Our Favorite Events of 2020!

Posted by EVENTS 4 LIFE Apr 14, 2021

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The year 2020, albeit its downsides led by the pandemic, has been an eventful one nonetheless. At Events 4 Life, we continued to spread smiles by organizing events and celebrations with full passion at picturesque locations - weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, corporate events, birthdays, and much more. While catering to our client's needs, we adapted to the new reality and ensured each one of the events organized had safety measures in place. 

Here are our most favorite events of the year, in a nutshell:

Natalie's Bat Mitzvah

Horsemanship to Leadership team building horse interaction, gaming by horses for the purpose of understanding how horses find joy through interaction with humans, and facilitating your groups' photos. - this is what the barn offered at the bat mitzvah event!

Horse riding is a fun country sport that has a host of health benefits too! We had organized equestrian activities for a long-time combined with dinner and music. We planned the events at partnered horse farms in the Pacific Northwest that introduced our clients to well-maintained horse stables set up in photographic landscapes.

The Seattle Scavenge

People of all ages enjoy adrenaline-filled activities - which is why we had put together perfect family events with a series of wild adventures. We planned different types of activities - some that required physical strength and others, persistence. Soaring along zip lines, climbing and crawling over obstacles, strolling through suspension bridges, etc., are but a few events that formed a part of our wild adventure packages where kids and adults had a gala time throughout.

Yehoshua and Noa's Wedding at Lavender farm

Of all the events we organized, we absolutely loved bringing families together for a day of fun, laughter, and celebration. Whether it is a one-year-old's birthday or the coming together of two souls, we made sure all our standard dinners were in line with the client's expectations. Truth be told, we too enjoy putting our passion into practice and planning out all the teeny details, including decor, food caterers, themes, entertainment, and so on. All in all, we love organizing!

At Events 4 Life, we prioritize our clients' needs and safety and thus comply with the Washington State COVID-19 regulations, including social distancing, screening, and overall planning of preventive measures.

If you are looking to plan an intimate event, or go out on a wild adventure, get in touch with us today.

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