Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages are the center point and the largest of the expenses in any event. Having a delicious, mouth-watering meal leaves an impression and also will be remembered for a long time.

Why do we still consider food as an afterthought?

Food and beverage at the events are considered to be an experience for people, not just something to make them full. You should be preplanned about the food and budget as well. If you are thinking of putting it together as something that can be bought for the lowest dollar amount, then there are lesser chances of expecting a successful event.

Idea of hospitality

The event organizer, whether a corporation, an association, or an individual, is actually the host of an organized event. All those who attend the event are their guests. In olden times, people would share their meal to share their conversations, ideas, or to form connections just as we do now.
Any food service from continental breakfast to a banquet should be considered as part of the hospitality package. A meal is not just food to make people full, but a chance to create connections.

Choose your food and beverage wisely

Take a good look into the menu selection, instead of just going for an affordable buffet or the safe duet-plated entrée. You need to be creative and take some risks too. The better the meal, the longer your guests will remember.

How about the budget then?

Plan your food and beverage within your budget. That doesn’t mean; you have to give the lobster tail and caviar to be creative. Instead, you can pick up some of these ideas:
Have food stations: Do not go for a plated dinner, but better opt for affordable food stations. In that way, people will be able to move around, talk, and also each station could offer different cuisines.
Made by you: Why not offer some make-your-own salad line with beautiful toppings, and many will have high opinions about you for choosing healthy options.
Be interactive: Keep your guests involved with your cooking demonstrations or “make your own” bars.
Make them nostalgic: Make some sloppy joes, tater tots, or casseroles and remind them of their good old.
Serve as a family: Sharing food from a common platter will make guests feel like they are part of your family and begin conversing with one another.
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